TopicWhen You Need Spinal Fusion?

  • Mon 25th Jul 2016 - 7:23am

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    Chiropractic is much cheaper than going on a surgery. This alternative medicine is often used by people who don't have insurance or their card does not cover the surgery. This procedure includes massage and physical therapy. Chiropractors are paid per session, some of them are ranging from $100-$1000 depending on the procedure needed by the patient.

    Back surgery is costly and at the same time risky. This should only be done by a licensed doctor. In some parts of the world back surgery is cheaper for example in India, a lot of write ups are on the internet about this and people from all over the world. The cost of surgery is almost half the price, so people who are suffering from different back ailment fly to India and have their surgeries done there. A lot of testimonials are posted in the internet. Some say that they had their surgery in India and they fly back home and have their therapies at home.


  • Fri 23rd Sep 2016 - 6:32pm
    Thanks for sharing it, he detail of the Spinal Fusion process. There are many people who want to know about the detail procedure. There are people who use to have the research paper mana to get the best results and this helps a lot to us.


  • Fri 21st Jul 2017 - 8:56am

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