TopicHandicap a Horse Race Like It's Your Last Dime

  • Wed 6th Dec 2017 - 9:48am

    Brad Free-Another Southern California handicapper who provides decent race advice for races at the Southern California Tracks. He is the author of Handicapping 101. Free typically provides insight on the DRF site for the "Race of the Day" when it is at Southern California tracks. Scott McMannis-Writes a Chicago Trainer Stat book for both Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course. He frequently hosts handicapping seminars that are quite informative.

    Katy Mikolay-A very decent handicapper who offers up her advice at Hawthorne Race Track (Chicago). She provides very solid picks, which are helpful when assembling your tickets for key races. Joe Kristufek-The handicapper for the Daily Herald (Suburban Chicago), Kristufek always offers excellent insight on each horse in the race. You can especially pick up on certain nuances in the race from his writings.

    Ron Uchman-The track handicapper for both Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course, both in the Chicago area. His picks are usually very good and are well worth implementing in any tickets you may put together.



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