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  • Tue 5th Dec 2017 - 10:53am

    If you have a surgery scheduled that requires you to NutriO2 Review be under general anesthesia, your doctor will definitely consult with you with regards to the various pre-operative procedures to which you must adhere. Depending on the nature of your medical procedure, you may need to take care of a set number of things before you check into the hospital. Arranging a ride home as you recover from the effects of certain drugs may tops most lists, but you should also take care not to eat anything that could prove disruptive during your surgery.

    Typically you want to stick to bland foods in the window you are permitted to eat, and drink only water when possible. If you are given a specific product to intake - like GoLYTELY before a colonoscopy - make sure you follow the directions for consumption lest you encounter problems down the road. As for specific foods to avoid, here are just a few of the more obvious choices:

    Alcohol. Be it beer, wine, hard liquor, or foods laced with alcohol, ingesting any type before surgery is a bad idea. Even if you think it will be out of your system by the time you are given anesthesia, there is still the risk of a reaction if you have a trace of alcohol in your body.

    Potatoes. While a bland food depending on how it is cooked, potatoes contain specific chemicals that may impede your natural ability to recover from surgery. If you intend to go under knife, it is best to abstain from potato side dishes beforehand.




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