TopicEducating The Flood Affected Nation

  • Thu 9th Nov 2017 - 7:34am

    If your contact at Town Hall does not put you in touch with the local The Lost Ways 2 emergency responders such as the Fire Department, they can be a great source of information about local disasters. Also, ask the reference librarian at your local library what information they can provide about disasters likely to occur in your area.

    Now that your family is on the lookout for disaster planning information and resources it might be fun to visit local businesses and stores. What can they share with you about being prepared for a disaster? What are they prepared to withstand? How have they prepared? If you live near a facility which could experience a man-made disaster, make sure you know how people near such a facility will be notified in case of an emergency.

    Another place to check for potential disasters is on the Internet. There are things that we do to prepare for any disaster no matter what it is, but to actually create your family's plan, it is easier to plan for a real possible disaster. The biggest danger though is if you decide that there are never any disasters in your area, and you don't create a plan.

    You'll be amazed at what your family learns in this process about how things work in your community. Remember that this activity is about having fun working together as a family and being prepared. It is not about living in fear every day that something bad is going to happen. Odds are that you will never experience a disaster, but if there is one and your family is prepared, recovering from it will be a 'piece of cake'.

    Most days we face incredible pressure as we juggle our time between our work, home, family, friends, spirituality, and community. One area that we sometimes short change is family. Since we see each other all the time, we tend to take each other for granted. Everyone in the family has things to do and places to go; but sometimes we get so consumed with getting things done, that we miss out on ways that we can spend quality time together.


  • Sun 19th Nov 2017 - 9:26am

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