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  • Sat 1st Jul 2017 - 8:39am

    Infinity Scalper

    One of the reasons for this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the trading business (especially futures trading). As long as you believe that trading is a contest of your intelligence against the rest, or a test of your market knowledge, you are doomed to have a difficult time.The trick is to understand that trading is a game, a probability game.

    Your job is to set up the parameters of the game so that you have a long term edge, Infinity Scalper Review  and then execute your strategy consistently. With the right attitude to the game, your stress levels are reduced and eventually profits begin to come, reducing stress further. It leads to a virtuous circle.

    Try to strip away your self-image of whiz kid financial trader, and start thinking in very basic terms. You need to really understand that future market action cannot be predicted with a high degree of accuracy, so nobody gets it right all the time.This is not to say that you will not make predictions and it is all dumb luck. Quite the contrary, you will need to take decisions based on partial knowledge and probabilities, not certainties. Working in the fuzzy world of probabilities is harder than working with certainties.

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